Woman Sues Delivery Man for Pregnancy After Delivering Condoms 10 Minutes Late


A woman from Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, China is suing a delivery man for delivering her condoms late, which resulted in her getting pregnant. 

The woman, only identified as Su, reportedly had her boyfriend stay over at her home last month. In the heat of the moment, the couple attempted to have sex, but Su realized she did not have condoms at the time, according to China Press via World of Buzz.

Su then placed an order on a mobile app, but it said the order could take up to 20 minutes to be delivered. While waiting, she decided to take a shower, but her order was delayed further due to weather conditions.

The woman and her boyfriend grew impatient from waiting so they decided to have sex without protection. The delivery man arrived at Su’s home 28 minutes after she had placed her order.

A month after the incident, Su was shocked to find out she was pregnant, and the last time she had unprotected sex was when the delivery was delayed.

The woman later sued the delivery man for 30,000 yuan ($4,206) to cover work expenses, nutritional costs and medical expenses.

She also blamed the delivery man by saying, “If only you arrived on time, this kind of thing would not have happened!”

However, the man refused to pay her demand and said he “does not want to deal with her.”

Featured Images via China Press

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