Woman Staring at Her Phone Falls Head First Down Flight of Stairs


Shocking footage of a woman tumbling down a flight of stairs at a subway station in China after staring at her phone is now making the rounds on social media. 


What happened: In the clip, the unnamed passenger can be seen staring at her phone as she was going down the stairs at a subway station in Hefei, the Daily Mail reported.

  • She then missed her step, immediately losing her balance, tried to regain it but failed.
  • Somehow she avoided hitting any of the women in front of her on her way down.
  • She eventually toppled over and landed on the ground floor.
  • Passengers who saw what happened rushed to help the woman, according to local media.
  • After the subway station staff gave the woman first aid for her wounds, she was taken to a nearby hospital via an ambulance.
  • While the woman sustained serious injuries on her face, she is said to now be in normal condition.

Viral fall: On Chinese social media site Weibo, the first video posted by Jianghuai Morning News about the incident has attracted over 1.6 million views. 

  • A separate image also emerged showing the woman being escorted by a group of officers to the ambulance.
  • For many Weibo users, the incident served as a warning to people addicted to their smartphones.
  • “Don’t use your phone while walking! That looked so painful,” one user wrote.
  • “Although I sympathize with her, I think she deserved it,” another chimed in.

Feature Image via Blagag

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