Woman Perfectly Captures What It’s Like to Eat at a Food Stall in Thailand When it Rains

A woman from Thailand documented her recent horrific dining experience which involved eating nearby a bunch of cockroaches.

According to AsiaOne, the woman, named Kapong Pang, posted a photo using her Facebook account that captured cockroaches and centipedes as they emerged from a flooded drain at a street side food stall.

“Sorry for using profanity. While I was eating my delicious noodles, an army of cockroaches, rats and centipedes crawled out of the drains. I was disgusted, but I was hungry,” Pang captioned.

Though the sight was clearly disgusting and the cleanliness of the premise was absolutely questionable, the woman continued eating her meal as she watched the cockroaches swarm on the wall.

“I kept on eating! Who cares! I ate while watching cockroaches on the wall,” she continued saying.

After the photo went viral, Kang felt sorry about the food stall owner that was put under scrutiny. As a way to compensate, she described her experience as inevitable. She also said that the cockroaches must have made a run for it because the city recently experienced heavy rain.

Kapong Pang has since made her Facebook account private after her post went viral.

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