Woman Live-Streams Herself Eating ‘Aloe Vera’, Realizes It’s A Poisonous Plant

Woman Live-Streams Herself Eating ‘Aloe Vera’, Realizes It’s A Poisonous PlantWoman Live-Streams Herself Eating ‘Aloe Vera’, Realizes It’s A Poisonous Plant
A Chinese vlogger’s attempt at social media stardom suddenly turned into a nightmare when her stunt got her sent to a hospital.
Identified only as Zhang, the 26-year-old woman live-streamed herself eating a plant she thought was aloe vera, reports the Mirror (via AsiaOne). However, it became apparent that what she was munching on was actually Agave Americana, a poisonous plant also known as American aloe.
The inedible, ornamental plant, which is originally found in Mexico, is not closely related to the plants in the Aloe genus.
In her video titled, “Aloe Vera Feast”, Zhang presented two giant leaves of the plant, noting that the best way to absorb their nutrients is to consume them by eating.
However, the leaves she was munching on actually contain toxic sap which causes severe skin irritation, digestive discomfort, and even eye damage. It was revealed that consuming about 100 ml of the sap for three days could be fatal.
During the clip, Zhang seemed to be initially enjoying the leaves and at one point she uttered, “This is great. Yum.” Her enthusiasm diminished soon after, as she said, “Oh, that’s bitter. That is really bitter.”
After taking three bites of the Agave Americana Zhang reportedly began losing her ability to speak as she would later reveal that her mouth went “numb” and her throat felt like it was “on fire.” She then abandoned the live-stream and took herself to a hospital.
According to her doctors, the plant caused severe rashes and blisters on Zhang. Residue of the harmful plant inside her stomach had to be pumped out to ensure her safety.
As of this writing, she is still currently recovering in the hospital.
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