Woman Jumps To Her Death to Avoid Arrest in Sting Operation at Asian Massage Parlor

Woman Jumps To Her Death to Avoid Arrest in Sting Operation at Asian Massage Parlor

November 28, 2017
A prostitute in New York opted to jump to her death amid a sting operation as colleagues explained that she told them she’d rather “kill herself” than get arrested again.
However, CC died in the hospital on Sunday from the injuries she sustained from the fall, according to NYPost. It’s reported that CC was meeting with an undercover cop who she was supposed to perform sex acts with in a massage parlor located at 135-32 40th Road in Flushing.
The incident occurred on a Saturday night during 7:30 pm when the woman panicked and jumped out the window after her undercover client called for police backup. Locals told police that CC was just released from prison about four months ago.
A 42-year-old nearby resident named Rob claimed that CC was trying to turn over a new leaf as he explained that the prostitute was in the midst of looking for a new job. “It’s really horrible. I Saw the paddy wagon this morning and I knew,” Rob exclaimed.
Lawmakers introduced a bill back in October which required massage parlor owners to apply for a special license to operate as their means to lessen these illicit establishments. The source reported that some sex workers were taken straight from the airport and were promised work and opportunities.
The report mentioned that these women eventually end up in massage parlors but most of them don’t realize that they’re already in a human trafficking situation. Meanwhile, local authorities have been cracking down on this shady industry for quite a long time as police have already shut down up to twelve massage parlors in Brooklyn since 2013, according to ABC7.
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