Chinese Woman Who Injected Fruit Juice Into Her Veins Had No Idea It Was Bad for You

Chinese Woman Who Injected Fruit Juice Into Her Veins Had No Idea It Was Bad for You
Carl Samson
March 19, 2019
A health-conscious woman in southern China ended up fighting for dear life after hooking herself to an IV fluid of
For some reason, Zeng, a resident of Chenzhou, Hunan province came to believe that her body will absorb nutrients from fruits better if she injected their juice straight to her veins.
And so on Feb. 22, the 51-year-old reportedly blended 20 different fruits, deposited the mixture in an IV bag and introduced it to her bloodstream through a line.
It did not take long before she developed a fever and felt itchy all over her body.
Zeng reportedly said nothing until her husband noticed something was wrong with her.
He rushed her to a nearby hospital, which then referred them to another larger facility as they could not handle the severity of her condition.
Zeng ended up in the intensive care unit, where she would spend the next several days, according to Xiaoxiang Morning News.
Her husband then learned that the IV fruit juice had damaged her vital organs, including the kidneys, liver, and heart.
Zeng nearly died of sepsis, or systemic infection, and consequently, multiple organ failure. Fortunately, she was deemed clear to move out of the ICU after five days.
It remains a puzzle how she managed to perform the fairly complicated process of setting up an IV. According to some claims, she first pretended to have a cold, asked a doctor for an infusion and then switched the original fluid for her fruit juice.
However, if Zeng actually prepared the IV line herself, others wondered how she had missed the fact that fruit juice can never be for the veins.
“I thought fresh fruit juice is nutritious, and therefore, there’s no harm injecting it on the body,” she told reporters this week.
In the wake of Zeng’s case, medical experts warned the public to avoid home remedies that have no scientific basis.
Weibo users commented:
“A Darwin Award nomination!”
“Did she ever graduate from primary school?”
“This is not just a health issue, but an IQ problem.”
“With this lack of a brain, I recommend that she injects it to her head next time.”
“It’s a miracle this person actually lived up to 51.”
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