Woman Goes on Epic Racist Rant at Target, Gets Taken Down By Asian Security Guard

Woman Goes on Epic Racist Rant at Target, Gets Taken Down By Asian Security Guard
Khier Casino
August 4, 2017
A video showing a fuming woman throwing items while shouting racist slurs at customers and employees at a Target in North Hollywood, Los Angeles is going viral.
The footage, which was first posted by Twitter user @dechavien and was retweeted more than 18,000 times before it was taken down, Raw Story reported.
But another social media user, Cody Walzel, also managed to capture the racist tirade on camera.
“You f*cking sand n*ggers!” the woman starts screaming in the video. “F*cking pieces of sh*t, f*ck all of you… all of you are sh*t!”
The phrase is a derogatory term for a person of Middle Eastern or North African descent.
She was finally restrained by a security guard while shouting for help and yelling, “I’ll leave if you let go!”
According to Walzel, here’s what went down:
“1. The lady was screaming for a while before I started filming, guards and managers nicely asking her to leave.
“2. Multiple store employees were on hold with the police for about ten minutes prior to the start of the video.
“3. The guard only stepped in physically when she started grabbing heavier objects to throw at customers. He withstood being sworn at, threatened, and spat on without protest.
“4. Yes it took the guard a while to cuff her. That’s because he was trying hard not to hurt her. It was easier to tell while there, but he was easily strong enough to crush her into the ground and subdue her, but he didn’t want to risk an injury.
“5. Yes, no one helped, but several people offered. Management continually refused, it seemed to be against policy.
“6. I don’t think the lady was on drugs, but if she was, she was also mentally ill. She talked a lot about terrorists keeping prisoners in a ‘Flesh Cave’ down in the basement prior to the video.”
The woman in the video has yet to be identified.
Featured Image Via YouTube / Cody Walzel
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