Clueless Grandma Gave Grandson a Live Grenade to Play With for 3 Years

A woman in eastern China had the shock of her life after learning that the “little iron ball” she gave her grandson three years ago was, in fact, a live grenade.

Police discovered the “toy” at the residential complex in Suzhou, Jiangsu province after dealing with another case on Sept. 9.

According to Jiangsu News, the woman, surnamed Zhang, stopped the officers and asked them to identify the mysterious object at her home.

Image via Sina News

As it turned out, the “iron ball” Zhang found while planting a tree three years ago was a live hand grenade.

Image via Jiangsu TV

The officers immediately closed the residential complex and called a bomb disposal team to deal with the explosive.

While its fuse had been detached, the grenade could still explode any moment, police said.

Image via Jiangsu TV

Zhang claimed that she had been clueless about the “toy” the whole time.

“The child at home has been playing with it. How can this be something that can’t be played with?”

Image via Sina News

The bomb disposal team placed the grenade in an explosion-proof tank and brought it to a government facility for processing, Jiangsu TV reported.

Image via Jiangsu TV

Police reminded the public:

“If you find similar flammable or explosive materials, do not dispose them without authorization. Be sure to evacuate to a safe space and call the police.”

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