Woman Gets Blood Clot in Brain After Staring At Phone For 20 Straight Hours

Woman Gets Blood Clot in Brain After Staring At Phone For 20 Straight Hours
Bryan Ke
March 14, 2018
A 47-year-old female migrant worker developed a blood clot on her brain
The woman, whose name has been withheld, was traveling from her hometown in Henan Province, central China, to the city of Guangzhou when she developed the blood clot, according to video news site Kankan News, as translated by South China Morning Post.
The end of the Lunar New Year celebration meant all the public transportation back to the city where she works was already packed.
So to kill time during the trip, the woman decided to entertain herself using her smartphone. But since there was not enough space for her to move in the train, she remained in the same position for 20 hours.
The woman reportedly fainted and was rushed to the hospital, where doctors immediately performed a CAT scan and discovered several blood clots had already formed on her brain.
The woman underwent a three-hour operation to prevent the clot from becoming even more life-threatening. Meng Heng, a neurologist at the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University in Guangzhou, concluded that the cause of the blood clot on her brain was due to remaining in the same posture for a long period of time.
We took out many blood clots, almost two centimetres in total, which is twice what patients usually have,” the doctor told the news video outlet. “We think she kept the same posture for too long, which compressed the blood vessels on the right side of her neck.”
According to Meng, doctors are seeing an increase in cases of young people suffering from blood clots. He advised mobile users to take long breaks away from their screen, make sure that they are in a comfortable position and, most importantly, to move from time to time.
The woman is reportedly in good health and did not suffer from any cardiovascular diseases before the blood clot. Ironically, the woman spent her recovery period by looking at her phone after the surgery.
Last year, a 21-year-old woman went blind in one eye after playing “Honor of Kings” on her smartphone for one day straight.
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