Woman Forces Boyfriend Off the Couch to Take Him on the Most Epic Adventure

Staying on the couch during your day time may sound like a great idea, but after watching one Norway’s viral travel video, you’ll want to rethink the plan.

The video, titled “My Girlfriend Took Me Backpacking,” starts off with Norwegian filmmaker Johan Kaos on the couch before he is persuaded by his then girlfriend (and now wife) Kvammen Mork to embark on an epic trip.

The backpacking duo took to kayaking, riding elephants, surfing and exploring throughout their three-month trek across Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.

All of their adventures were caught from the point of view of Kaos with a GoPro camera as he filmed Mork leading him about in a four-minute video that has since garnered over 415,000 views.

According to a comment Kaos left on his video, the vacation cost around $13,000.

“We saved money for a year, we went, we made this video along the way. That’s it,” he wrote.

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