Woman Too Focused on Her Phone Tragically Falls to Her Death in China

A Chinese woman’s addiction to her mobile phone cost her her life after she fell to her death in a stairway in China.
The unnamed woman, who was apparently busy staring down at her phone, accidentally lost her footing and missed a step last Thursday as she was walking down the stairs from a pedestrian overpass in Suzhou, Anhui Province.
In footage that has been widely shared on Chinese social media, the woman can be seen with her head down, apparently focused on her phone and unmindful of her surroundings, reports Shanghaiist.
After missing her step, she is shown tripping and then helplessly tumbling down the stairway at a rapid pace. Unable to stop her momentum, she went straight to the pavement below.
The impact of the fall caused the woman to immediately lose consciousness upon reaching the bottom of the stairs.
The video clip briefly showed a pool of blood in the spot where she lay unmoving. According to accounts, she sustained noticeable injuries on her face and head.
Warning: Graphic video (Viewer discretion is advised)
The woman was immediately brought to a nearby hospital where she was treated for injuries.
Unfortunately, however, the injuries turned out to be so severe that she ended up dying the next morning.
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