Woman Fired From Job in Australia for Believing Taiwan is Not Part of China

Woman Fired From Job in Australia for Believing Taiwan is Not Part of China
Carl Samson
January 15, 2018
A Taiwanese woman working at a hot pot restaurant in Sydney, Australia, was reportedly sacked after saying that Taiwan is not part of China.
The woman, identified only as Winnie, was responding to her Chinese boss’ question through a walkie-talkie during an idle time at work.
Photo via weiaozhou.com
“Winnie, could I ask you a question? Is Taiwan part of China?”
“Of course not,” she replied in a heartbeat.
To Winnie’s horror, the boss fired her just 20 minutes later, adding that she can claim her salary on the weekend, according to Sina News.
Confused, she tried to ask coworkers — mostly mainland people — about it, but they only smiled. She was also kicked out of their WeChat group.
Winnie wrote on Facebook:
“At that time, I was dumbfounded, I felt speechless.”
In response, some shared their own similar stories, news.com.au noted.
Among them is Yangson Tsai, who was once questioned if he supported reunification:
“I replied, ‘Taiwan is very democratic, we must respect the people in Taiwan.’ I did not work after that. I would like to ask, if Chinese people are so patriotic, why don’t they go back? Why are they dying to stay in Australia? [Why do they] study abroad to find ways to not return to China?”
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Meanwhile, netizens in mainland social media supported Winnie’s dismissal. On Weibo, Wai Man Sung commented:
“The answer should be ‘yes.’ And one more sentence. Australia belongs to China.”
Photo via toutiaoabc.com
Others wanted to fly to Sydney and eat at the restaurant:
“We need a special trip to Sydney to eat his [the boss’s] home shabu-shabu!”
Photo via toutiaoabc.com
Zhao Weicheng, who is also a manager, supported the boss’ decision. His employees, after all, mostly come from the mainland.
“I am a boss. I will do the same. First, I will not consider ethnic and national issues. However, considering that my staff are basically from mainland China, they are more or less concerned with the Taiwan issue,” Zhao said, according to weiaozhou.com.
“There are so many people in the store supporting that Taiwan does not belong to China. It is not a good thing for the entire staff team. Australia does not make bad people.”
“For the entire work team to work well, eliminate one person, or leave this person to influence the work team. The relationship between these two options is simply not a good choice.”
Photo via toutiaoabc.com
What do you think of the restaurant boss’ decision to fire Winnie? Let your thoughts be heard!
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