Woman Discovers Her Ex is Dating a Model, Reacts Like How You’d Expect

Here’s one devastating reason why you should never stalk your ex on social media: they have moved on happily. Here’s another equally painful one: they have moved on with someone better looking.

While there are a lot of sad videos on the internet, this particular video of a broken-hearted girl is definitely one that needs to be seen.

In the beginning of the clip, Brooklyn-based writer Marian Bull is shown laughing while she looks at her phone.

“The boy that I was in love with in high school has a girlfriend. I just found out on Facebook, and she’s so pretty,” she says while laughing uncontrollably.

The short video, taken by Hallie Bateman, shows the heartbroken Marian Bull seemingly undergoing the five stages of grief in a span of two minutes. She has just discovered that her high school ex had moved on with a girl who apparently looks like her but with skin that is “made of silk that has little sun rays woven into it.”

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