Woman filmed harassing Asian dog owners reportedly identified after calling third target ‘Chinaman’

Woman filmed harassing Asian dog owners reportedly identified after calling third target ‘Chinaman’
Carl Samson
July 27, 2021
A woman who went viral for harassing two Asian dog owners in New York City was reportedly identified after hurling slurs at a third Asian person last week.
What happened: The woman, notoriously known as “Leash Karen,” was filmed harassing an Asian person for the third time on Friday. She went viral earlier this month after complaining about unleashed dogs and subsequently being racist towards their owners.
  • Kevin Dong, a photographer, was showing some friends around when he found “Karen” near the Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse in the Civic Center neighborhood of Lower Manhattan. He claimed that she was “following and accosting two young Black men/teens” who were skateboarding in front of the Marriage Bureau.
  • Dong reportedly yelled across the street and asked the woman to leave the pair alone. But this “triggered her to cross the street and get in my face,” he said.
  • Dong and his father were born and raised in New York City. In the video, the woman tells him that he does not “belong here,” and later, allegedly calls him “Chinaman.”
Woman reportedly identified: Citing public records, Dong identified the woman as a “Jeanne E. Moore,” an anesthesiologist who previously lived in Minnesota and Maryland. He says he chose to engage with her in hopes that she would “talk down to someone who is local, speaks English and isn’t intimidated by her harassment.”
  • “Clearly her sheer competence (sarcasm) allowed her to muster up a creative retort of ‘I hope you’re enjoying those welfare checks and government checks’ before calling [me] ‘Chinaman.’ I can’t imagine trusting my life to an anesthesiologist with this much ignorance and hatred,” Dong wrote.
  • Dong says a nearby Marshall confirmed that skateboarders are free to use the sidewalks as they are public property. He was also told that he could “flag down a NYPD officer and have her detained for the slurs.”
  • Aside from her Asian encounters, the woman is believed to have a history of harassing skateboarders. In a YouTube video with 3 million views, she is seen chasing a man before walking away when he kicked his skateboard.
NextShark has reached out to Dong for more details.
Featured Image Screenshots via tefunka (left), @mk__ml11 (center) and @hungryhungrykev (right)
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