Woman Accidentally Falls Into a Shark Tank After Tripping at Chinese Mall

Woman Accidentally Falls Into a Shark Tank After Tripping at Chinese Mall
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
October 19, 2018
A woman running late for a meeting at a shopping mall in eastern China fell into a shark tank after tripping along its open walkway.
The incident occurred just before Wuyue Plaza in Pinghu opened to the public on the morning of Oct. 12, according to Beijing Time.
In a video, the woman is seen running along the surrounding walkway before stumbling and falling into a hole that opened to the shark tank.
Small sharks surrounded the woman after she fell.
Fortunately, staff responded quickly, with two security personnel jumping into the tank. They rescued the woman before she became the sharks’ breakfast.
As it turned out, employees carelessly left the tank open after feeding the sharks. The woman, rushing to catch her meeting, clearly couldn’t cared less as she ran along the walkway.
The woman was reportedly lucky because the animals in the tank were male lemon sharks, which are said to not be aggressive toward humans and may only attack when threatened.
However, some people believe that such sharks can still attack without provocation.
While the woman survived with complete body parts, her horrifying experience will surely be difficult to forget.
Netizens were shocked: (via China Times, Tencent)
“She must be scared to death.”
“Who raises sharks inside malls?!”
“I often see sharks in malls these days. Why can’t they put warning signs?!”
“I haven’t seen such a tall shopping mall that raises sharks and remains careless.”
“The brave security guards jumped into the tank to save a person. They deserve praise.”
Images via YouTube / New China TV
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