Woman Expertly Destroys ‘Crusty Western Men’ Who Call Asian Men ‘Gay’

Woman Expertly Destroys ‘Crusty Western Men’ Who Call Asian Men ‘Gay’Woman Expertly Destroys ‘Crusty Western Men’ Who Call Asian Men ‘Gay’
A woman’s epic post calling out some “Western men” who call Asian men “gay” based certain masculinity standards has gone viral on Facebook.
The post was uploaded on June 24 and has racked up over 15,000 shares as of this writing.
“lol I hate crusty ass western men who call Asian men gay for being more likely to be impeccably groomed and dressed with a solid skincare routine. like ok robert you completely have the right to have a neck beard and smell like shit and wear your socks n sandals n cargo shorts combo but when yoonsung is over here looking 25 at age 47 and you just turned 33 on your 18th birthday you might wanna reconsider wearing a face mask or two occasionally.” the woman writes.
The woman who made the post and goes by “Joanne” (@smallicecoffee), is a 22-year-old American living in Seoul, South Korea where she works at a travel agency.
“I made the post originally to poke fun at how toxic masculinity really hurts everyone including the men involved in it,” she told NextShark. “As an Asian American who originally grew up in Texas, I was made hyper aware of my ‘otherness’ from a very young age.”
“The post itself can hopefully make men, particularly Asian men, feel more validated in their habits, that everyone and anyone can and should do whatever they want without unnecessary labels tossed at them,” she added.
“Joanne” says that most people are taking her post well and laughing at it with her. There are a few handful of people reacting negatively, but she remains unfazed.”
“With the exception of a handful of people I don’t think anyone’s really had an issue, but even if they do, whatever. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions,” she said.
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