Woman Epically Puts Man in His Place After He Grabs Her on the Subway

A subway creep in China who thought he could get away with groping a fellow passenger received a well-deserved humiliation from his victim.

The unnamed pervert reportedly groped one fearless woman inside a crowded Beijing subway train on Monday night.

Instead of keeping silent about the incident, the woman got back at her harasser and berated him for his actions.

In a video footage captured by another passenger, the woman is shown scolding the man, demanding that he admit to what he did and challenging him to apologize.

“You think you can bully girls like me?” she said, as translated by Shanghaiist. “Do you dare admit? Are you a man or not?”

“If you won’t say anything, then you can come to the police station with me,” she adds.

According to the commuter who filmed the footage, the courage displayed by the woman and how she dealt with the situation was very impressive.

He said he shared the video online to inspire other women to similarly stand up to subway creeps instead of keeping silent.

The girl also dragged the guy along when she got off the train, reportedly taking him to a police station.

Online reactions to the video were mostly of admiration for the woman, with many netizens applauding her for being “bold” and “fierce.”

Some also pointed out that the woman’s reaction may also teach the pervert a lesson, and at least make him think twice before sexually assaulting another girl on the subway.

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