Woman Drives 8 Miles With Street Cleaner on the Hood of Her Car After She Broke His Broom

A woman in eastern China was arrested on administrative charges after driving 13 kilometers (eight miles) with a street cleaner clinging to his life on her car’s hood.

The road rage started on the grounds of a university in Wuhan, Hubei Province on Sept. 29.


The woman, who was driving a white Skoda, accidentally ran over the street cleaner’s broom while he was sweeping, according to The Paper.

An argument ensued and apparently escalated to what can be seen in a now-viral video, showing the sweeper clinging by the woman’s car hood as she sped off for 13 kilometers (eight miles).

The driver, identified as Li, eventually headed toward the Jianqiao Police Station, located in the city’s Hanyang district.

For violating provisions under Article 42 of China’s law on public security, Li was ordered to pay 500 yuan ($73) in fines and spend 10 days in detention, Chutian Metropolis Daily noted.

Meanwhile, netizens have been calling the street cleaner, identified as Ku, “Harry Potter street cleaner,” possibly referring to his love for the broom.

Fortunately, Ku did not sustain injuries as a result of his unbelievable love for his broom.

Weibo users had different reactions to the unusual sight:

“More than 10 kilometers? Wow!”

“Is this not a criminal case?”

“Detention for 10 days? It’s not intentional killing.”

“I think both these people are short-tempered.”

“Personally, I think the street cleaner should also punished for occupying another person’s property.”

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