Woman in China Pays $1,500 to Get Double-Eyelid Surgery For Her Cat

A pet owner in Nanjing, China has sparked outrage after getting double eyelid surgery performed on her cat. 


The woman allegedly took her cat to a local vet and had the eyelid surgery done for 10,000 yuan ($1,500), reported by Shanghaiist.

Double eyelid surgery is a common cosmetic procedure done in Asia. The woman reportedly said that her cat’s eyes were “ugly” and she believed the surgery would make them “prettier.” 

Image via Jiangsu Television

However, images circulated from a local news station display the cat suffering from red swollen eyes along with stitches, as said by the DailyMail.

A veterinarian featured in the Jiangsu news segment called the surgery a “frivolous procedure.” However, it was later revealed and confirmed by AMC Animal Hospital’s Dr. Wu that the cat suffered from entropion, a condition in which eyelid turns inward so that eyelashes and skin rub against the corneas, causing infection. Without the operation, the cat risks going blind.

Image via Jiangsu Television

Many people on Weibo have criticized the woman’s actions, calling it “animal abuse” and “torture” apart from the detail that the operation was necessary for the cat’s health.

This is not the first incident where a pet owner has gotten a cosmetic surgery for their cat. Another cat named Fatty went under the knife for the same surgery in 2017.

Feature image via Jiangsu Television

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