Woman Dies in Freak Accident After Tripping on Her Luggage

Woman Dies in Freak Accident After Tripping on Her LuggageWoman Dies in Freak Accident After Tripping on Her Luggage
Carl Samson
March 2, 2018
A woman in central China met an untimely death after tripping over her luggage and getting her neck stuck in a fence.
According to Chinese media, the accident occurred while she was getting off a bus in Huangpu, Hankou city, Hubei province on February 27.
China accident
In photos that emerged online, the woman, wearing a black cap and white jacket, is seen stuck on a U-shaped fence at a bus stop.
The woman, whose face turned people, was pronounced dead at the scene when paramedics arrived a mere 16 minutes later.
China accident
According to experts at the Number One Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiatong University, the fall may have injured her carotid arteries, which supply blood to the brain.
Death could result if the brain does not receive adequate blood for approximately five to six minutes.
China accident
An emergency doctor discouraged pedestrians from attempting to rescue those in similar situations; instead, they are advised to call 120 (ambulance hotline).
The fence’s design has been blamed for similar accidents that have led to the deaths of an old woman in 2010 (Jiangsu), an old man in 2015 (Beijing), and a pregnant woman in 2016 (Shaanxi), local reports noted.
The Huangpu fence was cut off to retrieve the woman’s body. Footage of the incident can be found on YouTube.
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