Woman Gets Decapitated in Elevator After Headphones Allegedly Get Caught in Door

A woman from Vadodara, India was decapitated at work on Monday as police suspect that she was killed when her headphones got tangled in the elevator door when it was going up.

The 48-year-old woman, identified as Sushila Vishwakarma, who works at a plastic manufacturing company, was found lifeless in two separate locations (her head was discovered in the first floor while her body was found in the fourth floor), according to Indian Express.

Authorities have yet to identify the real cause of her decapitation; however, police found a pair of headphones on her decapitated head.

We have sent the body for a post mortem and we are investigating the possibilities of how her head got stuck and whether it was because of the head phones or something else. We are also looking at whether the elevator was faulty,” Bapod Police inspector TR Bamaniya told reporters.

There is also another possibility that the woman could’ve absentmindedly looked out as the elevator door was closing thus trapping her neck as it goes upwards.

At this point, police are still investigating the case, which they have classified as an accidental death.

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