Woman attacked online for viral video of her dancing next to her vegetative husband is a valuable lesson

Woman dancing in front of husband
  • Cui Fangli, 46, received backlash online after sharing a video in which she dances next to her vegetative husband, Fang Jianhui.
  • As more information about the couple’s story was revealed on Weibo, viewers were forced to recognize that Cui has been dedicating her life to helping keep her bedridden husband alive since he suffered a stroke.
  • Her daily routine includes feeding Fang and helping him exercise to prevent muscle degeneration.
  • Although doctors informed Cui that Fang would be bedridden for the rest of his life, Cui continues to personally care for her husband.

After many social media users berated Cui Fangli for posting videos of herself dancing next to her vegetative husband, Fang Jianhui, it was revealed on Weibo that Cui has been dedicating her life to taking care of him following a stroke.

When Cui initially posted the video on Weibo, many users criticized the 46-year-old for dancing next to her husband, who appears to be bedridden in a vegetative state.

According to South China Morning Post, one Weibo user called Cui “heartless” while another asked if she was trying to “find a new husband” by “trying to kill” Fang.

The backlash began to subside, however, after it was revealed that Cui had dedicated her life to taking care of her husband, who became bedridden after suffering a stroke in 2019 that caused brain hemorrhaging, according to Qianjiang Evening News via the Morning Post.

Cui’s daily routine includes feeding her husband with food paste, using a catheter, and clearing his airways of mucus every two hours.

The 46-year-old explained that dancing helps her to relieve stress and that while she “used to dance with villagers in the square” prior to her husband’s condition, she now dances at home to remain a “positive person,” reported TNP.

Despite being told by doctors that Fang would remain bedridden for the remainder of his life, Cui continues to personally care for him and refuses to give up.

After the couple’s full story was revealed by local media outlets, the public response took a turn as users began posting their support for Cui and Fang, with many praising her for her positivity and love for her husband. Fang was even awarded a 10,000 yuan ($1,580) prize through an Alibaba positivity campaign, according to the Alibaba-owned Morning Post.

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