Woman in China Thinks She’s Too Beautiful to Work, Begs for Money Instead

A 30-year-old unnamed woman from Lijiang in southwest China’s Yunnan Province is making headlines claiming that she is “too beautiful to work.”

The woman, who can be seen sitting on the streets with a cardboard sign in front of her, used to be a waitress and cashier before she got fired, Sin Chew Daily reported via The Star.

She reportedly said that before, she had planned to write on her signboard “I’m hungry, need 10 yuan for food.”

She strongly believed that people would help and give her money by using this method. Another plan she had in mind was to support herself by selling her body, but in the end did not pursue that idea.

So instead, she decided to go the “honest” route with her cardboard sign.

“I’m from Hunan, I’m a natural beauty, able-bodied, and healthy, and I choose to beg here instead of getting a job, thank you to the kind-hearted souls,” the woman wrote.

Netizens, meanwhile, were not entirely impressed with what the woman did, particularly how she chose to panhandle on the streets instead of getting a job considering that she’s “able-bodied” and the fact that she’s young and presentable.

Images via iFeng

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