Woman in China Spits at Starbucks Customer For Calling Out Her Savage Behavior

Woman in China Spits at Starbucks Customer For Calling Out Her Savage Behavior
Ryan General
August 1, 2017
It’s just natural to feel comfortable inside an establishment like Starbucks, simply because the ambiance sort of allows you to.
There are those, however, who end up being way too comfortable that they seem to forget that such areas are communal and therefore not a place for boorish behavior.
Such is the case of a female customer who decided it was quite alright to place her bare feet on a table inside a Starbucks store in China. According to Daily Mail, when another customer called her out on her uncivilized behavior, she threw a massive fit and even spat at him.
The incident, which occurred last week (July 26) at a Starbucks branch in Suqian, Jiangsu Province, was caught on video and has now been widely shared on Chinese social media.
In the short clip uploaded to Pear video, the woman can be heard furiously telling him “it’s none of your business”.
It also appeared that she was walking around the store with bare feet during the whole scene. A shop worker was seen later apologizing to the male customer, who was then carrying a child.
In an interview with local media, the man, identified only by his surname Xu, said he was visiting the store with his daughter that evening.
He went on to explain that aside from her bare feet being rudely placed on the table,  the woman seemed to have disregarded her pet dog as she played on her mobile phone. He added that his daughter had been scared by the animal.
Xu said he asked her to look over her pet and remove her feet from the table. The woman then reacted violently as shown in the clip.
“Who are you? Are you the boss?” the woman yelled during their brief but heated argument.
“Do you think it’s appropriate to come into the store with a dog and put your feel up like this?” the man answered back.
“It’s none of your business,” the woman shot back before standing up to spit at the man.
According to a Starbucks employee, the store staff had asked the woman to put her dog on a leash twice, but the woman refused. The worker also tried to stop the argument but failed.
The woman was forced to leave the shop after the police, who Xu eventually called, advised her to. The woman also apologized to the man before she left.
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