Woman in China Gives Mother-In-Law A Cake That Spits Out Cash

A woman in China recently received what could possibly be the best birthday cake ever from her daughter-in-law.

Identified only as Ms. Ren, the thoughtful daughter-in-law from Qingdao in Shandong Province created a special cake that dispenses money at the press of a button.  

She said her creation is a birthday gift for her beloved mother-in-law, reports Daily Mail.   

The video of the one-of-a-kind confection, first uploaded on Pear video, has immediately gone viral on Chinese social media.

In the clip, the cake is shown surrounded by a variety of food on a table. After someone pressed a button, 100 yuan ($15) banknotes were released from the cake’s dispenser.

Ren also showed in the short footage how she made the unique dessert which resembles a mini ATM.

Most of the comments online had netizens expressing admiration for the cake maker’s creativity and her relationship with her mother-in-law. 

“Oh I will try this,” one commenter wrote.

“I envy the relationship between this mother and daughter,” said another user.

“This cake shop is going to be trending,” another netizen added.

In an interview, Ren revealed that it was the first money-dispensing cake she had ever made. She also said the reason she came up with the money-dispensing cake is that she wanted to give her mother-in-law something special and unique. 

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