Woman in China Gets into Heated Argument with Attendants After Taking Someone Else’s Train Seat

A video showing a woman furiously arguing with staff on a train after she took someone else’s seat is now going viral on Chinese social media.


The incident took place during a train trip from Hunan province to Guangdong, China when the unidentified woman was reported to the staff by another passenger for occupying a seat that’s not hers, according to South China Morning Post.

She then started arguing with the train staff as soon as he asked for the woman’s identification card, stating she was in the right seat. However, the staff pointed out that she should be in 10D, which is the aisle seat of the train.

Instead of backing down, she blamed the ticket for the whole confusion.

The ticket doesn’t say I should be in the aisle seat,” she said, then later on added that the station should put the numbers on the seat, and asked “why is it up there?”

Make it clear which one is 10F and which one is 10D,” the furious woman continued as she argues with the staff.

She, however, remained on the seat for the rest of the journey. The woman was later fined 200 yuan ($30) for what she did and was banned from buying tickets for 180 days, according to the report.

Many netizens condemned the woman for being arrogant. One user wrote, “How could she still defend herself after taking someone else’s seat? So ridiculous.” Another said, “Unreasonable people always getting their way is a real problem with society.”

Images via YouTube / South China Morning Post

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