Woman in China Claims She Found Sanitary Pads in Her Hot Pot 2 Days in a Row

Woman in China Claims She Found Sanitary Pads in Her Hot Pot 2 Days in a RowWoman in China Claims She Found Sanitary Pads in Her Hot Pot 2 Days in a Row
A female diner in Shenzhen, China allegedly discovered sanitary pads in her hot pot from two different locations in two consecutive days.
The woman, surnamed Ni, first sat with a companion in hot pot chain Haidilao on Friday night.
In a now-viral video, Ni is seen holding what she described as a “sanitary pad” freshly plucked out of her pot.
She places the pad next to the restaurant’s wrapping paper, which the manager believes to be the object.
Ni shares a picture of the “sanitary pad” she found next to the restaurant’s meat wrapper.
“At first I thought it was meat,” The Paper quoted Ni as saying. “Then I realized it didn’t seem quite right. I thought it was a sanitary pad, though it can’t be seen clearly.”
“The thing I found in the hot pot is not the same as the pad paper he [manager] used to compare it with.”
Ni touches the sealed wrapper from the restaurant.
Ni dismissed the manager’s assumption and demanded one million yuan ($145,000) from the hot pot chain.
The following day, Ni and her companion returned to the outlet for further discussions, but police were called when they started damaging furniture.
Ni touches the “sanitary pad” she found on her hot pot.
Haidilao eventually agreed to compensate Ni an 800 yuan ($116) refund in settlement of the dispute.
Ni dissects the wrapper used by the restaurant for meat.
But while that could have been the end of a disgusting dinner story, Ni allegedly pulled out yet another sanitary pad from her hot pot in a different restaurant on Saturday evening, Sina News reported.
Ni demanded compensation from the restaurant, Chongqing Impression, but told reporters that she was really more concerned about exposing unsanitary conditions in such outlets.
Ni lifts the “sanitary pad.”
It’s unclear if Ni managed to secure at least a refund from the second restaurant. However, the incident raised speculations that she might be faking it this time to win funds.
This is not the first time hot pot restaurants in China put something other than regular ingredients in their food. Just recently, a dead rat found in a Xiabu Xiabu outlet — compounded by the fact that its manager offered the pregnant diner money for an abortion — took the popular hot pot chain into a stock price nosedive.
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