Woman Under Fire for Repeatedly Calling Asian Nail Technicians ‘Chinks’ on Facebook

A female nail technician is under fire for calling Asian nail technicians “chinks” on her social media account.

Rae Lenelle, a licensed cosmetologist and nail technician who goes by the handle of @polishedby_rae on Instagram, is being called out for her racist Facebook post on Saturday.

She wrote in her Facebook post: “When the Chinx can’t get yo shape right. I DO FOR YOU. Before and after nail shaping.”

People on social media chimed in, laughed, and continued to make fun of the slur.

Some in Asian community posted in the comments section to discuss the offensive social media post.

But things got a bit chaotic after some tried to point out what was wrong with the situation, and asked the person to “get over it” and “keep it moving” if she doesn’t like what she’s seeing.

Following the backlash, Lenelle made another post on her Facebook page.

It turns out that this is not the first time Lenelle used the racial slur while advertising her work. She used the same derogatory term in one of her Instagram posts back in August.

People on Twitter also expressed their outrage over Lenelle’s use of the derogatory term:

Featured Image via Facebook / Rae Lenelle

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