Woman buys Louis Vuitton bag for mom who felt she ‘didn’t look good enough’ to enter store 10 years ago

Louis Vuitton gift for mom
  • TikTok user @minxchen_ said her mother wanted a Louis Vuitton bag while they were window shopping 10 years ago.
  • At the time, she had apparently asked her mother to come inside the store to take a closer look, but she refused because “she didn’t look good enough to enter.”
  • Ten years later, the daughter, now the owner of a pastry business, has posted a video to the social media platform of her mother’s reaction to being gifted her very own Louis Vuitton bag.

A woman in Singapore shared a now viral TikTok video of her gifting her mother with a Louis Vuitton bag she had set her eyes on but could not afford 10 years ago.

User @minxchen took to the platform on Saturday to share her story, recalling how her mother had pointed to the bag while they were window shopping a decade earlier.

A primary school student at the time, she invited her mother to come inside the store to take a closer look, but the latter refused for one heartbreaking reason.

“She said ‘no’ because she didn’t look good enough to enter the store,” @minxchen_ wrote. “I didn’t understand why.”

Still, @minxchen_ knew she never wanted her mom to feel that way again. Ten years later, she is the proud owner of a pastry business and finally able to purchase the bag her mom wanted.

“I just know I work really, really hard while schooling in Poly and running my home-based business because I never wanted them (my parents) to feel otherwise about themselves again,” @minxchen_ wrote.

“I’ve grown so much throughout this journey and they’re the reason why I’m here today. They were my pillar of strength in everything I do. I hope they’re proud of me because I’m so lucky to have the best parents.”

@minxchen_’s TikTok video shows her mother opening her gift right inside the store. After 10 long years, her mother takes delight not only in holding the bag, but owning it.

The pair then hug it out. 

“I did it after a decade,” @minxchen_ wrote.

TikTok users showered the doting daughter with messages of praise and support.

“OMG! Her eyes and expression said it all. So sweet! Well done,” one wrote.

Another commented, “You’ll have so much success. The ones who love their parents always do.”

“Without all these gifts, I’m sure she’s already so proud of how far you’ve come as a person and your achievements. Happy for you,” another wrote.


Featured Image via @minxchen_

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