Woman Who Bought $190 ‘Puppy’ Discovers It’s Actually a Fox

A Chinese woman was shocked on the day she found out that the “puppy” she bought for $190 turned out to be a fox.

The woman surnamed Wang purchased what she thought was a Japanese Spitz from a pet shop in Jinzhong, Shanxi province, a few months ago.

But to her surprise, the “puppy” stopped eating dog food three months under her care and grew a longer and fluffier tail than expected, Shanxi News reported.

Wang, who started worrying at this point, also realized that her pet did not bark.

That led her to decide to bring the canine to the nearby Taiyuan zoo, which confirmed that it was not a Japanese Spitz but a fox.

“Based on the size, it is a domesticated fox. It carries a smell in their body and the smell can get stronger as it grows older,” the Daily Mail quoted Sun Letian, the zoo’s animal epidemic prevention expert, as explaining.

Wang decided to leave the fox to the zoo so that it can receive better nutrition and be attended to properly.

“If you miss it, come by and have a visit,” Sun told Wang.

The fox is scheduled to undergo health check-ups before it is transferred to an enclosure. It is not known whether the woman tried to get a refund after.

Images via Shanxi Television Network

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