Woman Who Asked GOT7’s Jackson Wang to Prom Every Day for 365 Days Gets Bittersweet Ending

Woman Who Asked GOT7’s Jackson Wang to Prom Every Day for 365 Days Gets Bittersweet Ending
Carl Samson
May 29, 2018
Elizabeth Zhang, the high school senior who
“Your fav power couple takes on prom,” she captioned a set of six prom photos.
While Zhang failed to score the long-sought date with Wang, she’s thrilled about completing the project and hopes that it helped others get to know the K-pop star better.
“Posting every day has been a struggle, but I wanted to make it through all 365 days and show people how much Jackson has impacted my life and millions of others around the world! Along with my posts and videos on my Instagram stories, I really hope this account helped more people know about Jackson and GOT7 and see how hardworking and talented they are,” she told NextShark.
Zhang amassed nearly 5,000 Instagram followers with her on-point image editing skills, putting Wang next to her wherever she was and vice versa.
Wang has achieved various accomplishments since Zhang started her project, from opening his own studio to big endorsements.
He also released his new single, “Dawn of Us,” last month.
“Seeing how much Jackson has accomplished in this one year has been so amazing. From creating his own label and producing songs to endorsing the biggest brands in the world like Fendi and Pepsi, Jackson has worked so hard, and I’m so glad he can finally share his own music and show the world the different sides of him,” said Zhang.
She thanked everyone who supported her in the course of her project.
“This has been a wild and crazy journey and I couldn’t have done it without all of y’all’s support. I’ve met so many amazing people through this account, and I’m thankful for all the support from my friends who helped me come up with puns, take photos, and honestly just listen to me fangirl and spam all y’all on my story LOL.
“Of course I don’t actually expect him to come to prom with me LOL and I wouldn’t want him to fly all the way over here in the middle of such a jam packed schedule.”
For now, Zhang vows to continue supporting Wang and GOT7.
“I’m so proud of him, and I hope people will continue supporting Jackson Wang and GOT7!”
Congratulations on your project, Zhang!
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