Asian-American Woman Murdered By Jealous Boyfriend With Legally Obtained Gun

Asian-American Woman Murdered By Jealous Boyfriend With Legally Obtained Gun
Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
August 1, 2016
A young Asian-American woman in Washington state was recently shot by an ex-lover following a messy break-up.
Last week, 19-year-old Allen Ivanov, shot his ex-girlfriend, Anna Bui, with a legally purchased AR-15 during a social gathering in Mukilteo, Washington. Ivanov also shot and killed two fellow classmates, Jordan Ebner and Jake Long before 12:30 a.m. on Saturday. Another unidentified individual suffered injuries and was taken into the intensive care unit.
Ivanov and Bui were identified as students at the University of Washington. The school sent out an advisory e-mail to students to seek grief counseling following the attack.

You can’t run with me ☹️

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Days before the house party, Ivanov had legally purchased the rifle and posted pictures of the weapon to his social media account and Instagram. He had also included “cryptic messages” about his murderous plans. Ivanov then drove to the house party and carried out the attack.
According to Reappropriate, friends of Bui and Ivanov say that Bui had ended a year long relationship with Ivanov not too long ago. Ivanov was “depressed” and “very distraught” after the breakup. Friends also said that Ivanov “often had a jealous side.” Though some believed him incapable of the crime, others said he seem to act as though he had “something to prove.”
Friends of Bui told Daily Mail that she was a sweet person who was “full of love” and “had a huge heart.” 
“She always had a smile on her face and a joke at the ready,’ she said. 
She had so much energy and a light about her that could just brighten up a room. If she was in the building, you could hear her laughter.”
Ivanov was later arrested in his car nearly 100 miles from where the killings took place. Sources say he sent a text after the shooting saying “I just killed my ex-girlfriend” and was contemplating suicide.

And there’s still people out there trying to impress me and shit. Try harder.

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A friend of Ivanov told Daily Mail his reaction to the text:
“We didn’t know if it was serious or not. We thought it was a joke, he called us at 2:30 a.m. We didn’t think he was capable of doing something like that. He was always a prankster and a jokester. He used to love playing Halo, but he never showed any signs of violent behavior.
Throughout the phone conversation he kept asking ‘What’s the best way to kill myself?’ he was crying, saying ‘What did I just do?’”
The Seattle Times reported that Ivanov will be in the Snohomish County Jail on Saturday on murder-investigation charges.
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