Woman Asian Squatting in Front of Parked SUV Nearly Run Over by the Vehicle

asian squat

A Chinese woman who was doing the infamous “asian squat” in front of a parked SUV while fiddling with her mobile phone was nearly run over by a car

The incident, which was captured by a CCTV camera, reportedly happened on Sunday in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, according to local media.


In the footage, the unnamed woman can be seen squatting on her phone while the SUV driver gets in his vehicle.

The woman was apparently so engrossed with her phone that she did not notice the vehicle’s forward movement. 

The SUV then knocks the woman over, who was under the front of the car.

Bystanders immediately came to the aid of the woman and alerted the driver that someone was under the car. 

Fortunately, the driver stopped the car just before the front tires rolled over the woman.

The passersby reportedly assisted in freeing the young woman trapped underneath the SUV’s front tire. The woman was not severely injured and is now recovering in a local hospital, AsiaOne reports.

Since the video indicates that the vehicle was parked on a pedestrian walkway, the driver is also in the wrong. It was not revealed, however, whether any charge was filed among the parties concerned.

Featured image via YouTube / 多維視頻集錦DWNEWS

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