Woman Annihilates Opponent in Cotton Candy Eating Contest, Becomes Instant Celebrity

There’s a lot of bad news out there, but that doesn’t mean you have to digest it all the time.

In fact, why not take a break and enjoy something a bit more palatable? Something…sweeter? Like this viral video from China.

The host of the Chinese show “I’m the Winner” took part in a cotton candy competition with her co-host in an attempt to see who could eat theirs the fastest. While her colleague started to eat it like one normally might — you know, savoring every little delicate strand before it melts into a sugary paste — she took the opportunity to showcase her winning technique. By pulling the cotton candy off its stick, compressing it into a small sphere, and popping it into her mouth, the host dominated the competition and set herself apart from the rest of us mortals in one swift motion.

The video has gained millions of views worldwide — for obvious reasons.

Also here it is in reverse. For also obvious reasons.

All hail the queen!

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