Woman Accidentally Hit by Dancing Noodle at Hotpot Restaurant During Performance

Chinese social media is buzzing with a viral video showing a woman getting accidentally hit in her eyes by a flying noodle during a “performance” at a hotpot chain.

The clip, which was titled “The worst thing that could happen while eating Hai Di Lao has come true” and believed to have been taken at a popular hotpot chain in Hunan province, China, was first posted online on Tuesday, May 22. It has now been watched over 1.3 million times on Facebook.

In the video, a woman can be seen eating her dessert when a server/performer dances while stretching the noodle dough. She managed to evade the first swing of the noodle towards her head, but the moment she let her guard down, the noodle suddenly wrapped around her eyes before the video suddenly cuts out.

This type of entertainment is quite common in some hotpot restaurants, where customers who ordered a noodle meal will typically get some sort of performance. Typically, the server will pull the noodle using his/her hands while doing tricks and dancing to the music, according to AsiaOne.

After doing the dance number, the raw noodle would then be dumped into a pot of boiling soup to be cooked.

The title of the clip mentions Hai Di Lao, a popular hotpot chain that originated in China. It was not revealed if the incident actually happened at a location in Hunan. Reports suggest that the woman who was blindsided by the noodle was not charged for her meal.

Featured image via YouTube / 微博每日熱門搬運

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