Woman, 72, agrees to sell home after alleged anti-Asian hate crime, flashing her Vietnamese neighbor

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Image: KING 5

An elderly woman in Washington who was accused of a hate crime against her Vietnamese neighbor last year has agreed to sell her home to pay the victim $45,000. 

Jan Myers, 72, was charged with a hate crime on Thursday for harassing her neighbor Thi Pham in April 2021.

Pham’s lawyers announced that Myers has agreed to a civil settlement dictating that she must attempt to sell her home in Shoreline, Washington, and pay Pham $45,000 from the home’s sale.

Pham and her husband Bill Healy’s lawyers filed a lawsuit against Myers in August 2021 after they said she had been repeatedly harassing and threatening their family, with some incidents even captured on video.

Pham said Myers started harassing them when she was working in her garden in April last year. Myers reportedly made threats and was caught on video referring to Pham as “slant eye.” Pham started recording the incident using her phone, catching Myers yelling, “Hey Miss Vietnam… you’re not going to live very long.”

Healy, who called the incident “devastating,” said Myers had also exposed herself to his wife and their 2-year-old son, which was also caught on camera. As the family filed their lawsuit, Pham said she no longer felt safe in their home.

The family’s lawyers called the civil settlement a victory for victims of racial harassment.

“We need to make the people who are harassing people because of their race pay and make them pay the victim,” said lawyer Jeffery Campiche.

Under the settlement, Myers has agreed to sell her home in the next six months and pay Pham $45,000 from the sale.

Should Myers fail to sell the home and move as agreed, Pham’s lawsuit against Myers will proceed to trial and potentially be decided by a jury.

“I am happy that I can safely live in my home without racial harassment,” Pham was quoted as saying by KGW. “We hope Jan Myers follow [sic] through the agreement and move quickly.”

While the civil settlement has been agreed to, Myers may still face criminal charges for her threatening behavior, for which a trial is tentatively set to begin on June 8.

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