‘Wolverine’ Flies to Taipei, Tries the Iconic Stinky Tofu

Hugh Jackman braved the foul stench of Taiwan’s infamous “stinky tofu” while he and co-star Patrick Stewart toured Taipei to promote his final foray as the clawed mutant in the upcoming “Logan”.

The “Wolverine” star had gone down to a night market in the Taiwanese capital after meeting fans who recommended that he try out some local cuisine, including chicken heart skewers and chou doufu, according to Shanghaiist.

The odor of the tofu apparently was not that pungent.

We went to the night market last night. It was so much fun. We had stinky tofu… It’s not as stinky as I thought,” Jackman explained during a press conference on Tuesday.

Jackman also seems to be a pretty avid social media user, greeting his fans in Chinese and posting the short videos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Australian actor even uploaded a photo of the incredibly warm welcome he received when he arrived in Taipei.

Unfortunately, people did not get a chance to see how talented of a singer Jackman is.

Logan” premiered at the Berlin Film Festival earlier in February and hit theaters in Taiwan on Tuesday before its release in the United States on March 3, according to AFP.

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