You Can Now Buy a Self-Sustaining Eco-Friendly Cabin For $100,000

Adventurous individuals who are looking to escape to an eco-friendly, self-sufficient cabin will love Wohnwagon’s mobile cabin creations.
The Austria-based company has developed highly efficient trailers that use only natural and recycled materials such as clay plaster, larch wood and sheep’s wool for insulation, according to the Daily Mail.
The cabin’s roof, which is equipped with Solar photovoltaic rooftop panels to generate the home’s own electricity, provides proper heating during the winter and cooling during the summer. Batteries located in the trailer’s bottom collects the energy. To save more energy, its windows from RKC Contruction are specially designed to let in as much natural light needed during the day. Stored water is heated from the generated energy or a wood-burning stove.
Featuring naturally painted interiors, the beautifully crafted homes are available in three different sizes with options to tailor-fit each trailer.
While definitely perfect for camping, Wohnwagon’s trailers can also be used as traveling commercial or even office spaces.
They start at $49,000 for a small basic unit and up to $105,000 for a large, fully-furnished model with every available option provided.
Launched in 2013, the company has catered to over 400 requests from clients who are looking for efficient, self-sustaining mobile cabin homes.
“Reduction isn’t equal to sacrifice – ‘Reduce to the Max’ is our motto,’” Wohnwagon project manager Christop Raz told Daily Mail.
True to their philosophy, the company has focused on offering a unique living experience using only natural materials assembled within 25 square meters of living space.
“That’s it, that’s all people need. That’s why we created Wohnwagon,” Raz concluded.
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