WJSN crowned the winner of Mnet’s ‘Queendom’ Season 2 competition

WJSN crowned the winner of Mnet’s ‘Queendom’ Season 2 competition
Daniel Anderson
June 6, 2022
K-pop girl group WJSN (Cosmic Girls) was crowned the winner of “Queendom” Season 2 last Friday.
The Mnet reality show singing competition featured various female idols and girl groups performing their hit songs, covers and new comeback tracks to determine who was the best among them.
WJSN performed a new original track called “Aura” written and composed by leader Exy. As the tracks were released in advance, WJSN had the highest score based on earlier votes from fans and streams with a total of 81,020 points. Shortly after winning “Queendom,” the Starship Entertainment girl group announced a July 5 comeback.

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Loona, who is also slated for a June 20 comeback with the EP “Flip That” and an upcoming world tour — sans member Chuu — came in second place with 77,988 points for their performance of “Pose.”

Trio group Viviz, composed of former Gfriend members SinB, Eunha and Umji performed “Red Sun!” and came in third with 54,419 points.

Soloist and former Sistar member Hyolyn came in fourth with 48,761 points for her song “Waka Boom (My Way).” She also announced a summer comeback slated for July. Her label Bridʒ said, “In keeping with her title as the original summer queen, Hyolyn will be making her first summer return in about two years. What she’s preparing will go beyond the performances she showed on ‘Queendom 2,’ so please give her lots of interest and encouragement.” 

Newest girl group Kep1er, formed from the Mnet reality competition show “Girls Planet 999,” performed “The Girls (Can’t Turn Me Down)” and scored 46,976 points. Hours prior to their final performance member Kim Chaehyun was hospitalized due to poor health conditions but bounced back in time for the show’s airing. Kep1er announced their first official comeback will be on June 20 with their mini-album “Doublast.” 

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Quartet group Brave Girls scored 45,896 points with their new song “Whistle.” On May 4, Brave Girls announced their first U.S. tour starting in July.

Fans have accused Mnet of rigging the voting system of the competition, with some claiming the global Spotify streams are inconsistent with the ones Mnet presented and that Viviz should be the runner-up after Loona at No. 1 instead of WJSN.
On June 3rd, Mnet issued a statement saying, “In order to hear the voices of global K-Pop fans, Mnet counted global streaming scores using Spotify’s ‘Queendom 2 Playlist.’ As previously detailed, the streaming scores factored in each daily play by each unique user on the ‘Queendom 2 Playlist.’ Multiple plays in a day, as well as multiple plays by the same unique user, did not count toward the score.”
“This streaming data was provided by the global streaming service, and the final points were tallied by a scoring official before the results were handed over to the staff of ‘Queendom 2.’ After confirming with the scoring official, the scores shown on the final broadcast of ‘Queendom 2’ were correct.
“Queendom” Season 2 was co-hosted by comedian and singer Lee Yong-jin and Girls’ Generation leader Taeyeon, who is set to reunite with her group members for a 15th-anniversary comeback.
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