Wisconsin Woman Caught with 75 Pounds of Marijuana After Running a Stop Sign

Wisconsin Woman Caught with 75 Pounds of Marijuana After Running a Stop Sign
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
December 6, 2017
A 56-year-old La Crosse, Wisconsin woman was recently caught with 75 pounds of marijuana hidden inside her car when she was stopped by a state trooper for committing a traffic violation.
The woman, identified as Mai Houa Xiong, was pulled over by an unnamed state trooper on the afternoon of November 25, Saturday, when she failed to hit the brakes at a stop sign in the intersection of Highway 52 and I-90 near Marion, KROC reported.
Image Olmsted County ADC via KROC
The trooper happened to have a K9 partner at the time when the woman was asked pull over. By sheer luck, the dog got a hit of something inside the vehicle, which turned out to be a massive stash of cannabis – 75 individual one-pound packages hidden in three bags in the backseat and trunk.
According to Post Bulletin, the woman allowed the trooper to search her vehicle but strongly refused to let the dog sniff the car.
After discovering the marijuana, Xiong was immediately arrested by the trooper and she was taken to Olmsted County Adult Detention Center. There, she confessed that the cannabis found in her car was all hers, but it’s not for recreational use. She said that those were supposed to be given to her husband as medicine.
Xiong first appeared in court on November 27 and has been charged with one count of second-degree drug sales. She is expected to make a second court appearance on December 6.
Featured image Olmsted County ADC via KROC
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