Pervert Caught Touching Girl on Subway in Singapore, Gets Blasted on Facebook

Pervert Caught Touching Girl on Subway in Singapore, Gets Blasted on Facebook
Carl Samson
July 3, 2017
A woman captured the exact moment a male commuter placed his hand on the leg of a girl sitting right next to him in Singapore.
Winna Chin recorded the scene that took place in an MRT ride on Singapore’s East West Line on Sunday.
Shortly afterwards, she posted a video and photos of the disgusting act on her Facebook account, warning everyone:
“Beware of this guy!! Happened in east west line just now. Stupiak guy!!!”
As seen in the 10-second the video, the man was pretending to be sleepy, and appeared to be resting his hand on the seat before subtly touching the girl’s leg with his fingers.
Fearing that the man would turn violent, Winna simply asked the girl to stand up, but she “chose to only move nearer to her friend and not move away.”
The girl’s friend reportedly slapped the man’s hand later. He dropped off at the next station.
Winna’s post received over 13,400 shares and 1,200 comments, with most condemning the lascivious act and asking to report it. But some questioned why the girl didn’t even seem to care.
“We got the guy’s face, we just have to bring it to the NPC for face recognition and file a police report.”
“Winna, please send the pictures to the police. This would be more helpful than posting on Facebook. Thanks.”
“Its amazing that she didn’t even move away. Legs still slightly open knowing someone is touching.”
“Look like she loves to be molested.”
“[I] don’t understand why the girl did nothing…”
Interestingly, a commenter on Winna’s post shared spotting the man about to board a bus, still being a pervert:
The man’s whereabouts are currently unknown.
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