Wing Chun ‘Master’ Claims He Only Lost to MMA Fighter Because He’s a Vegetarian

Wing chun dim nak (pressure point) master, Lu Gang, was pulverized by the notorious MMA fighter Xu “Mad Dog” Xiaodong last month, and now he blames lack of food and his vegetarian lifestyle as the reason behind why he lost the fight.

Speaking on Chinese social media, Lu claims that he only eats around 20 meals per month, adding that he is “chronically malnourished” because he is a vegetarian, according to South China Morning Post.


I’m too skinny, I didn’t have enough mass to fight Xu,” he said, as translated by Jerry Liu of the YouTube channel Fight Commentary Breakdowns. This was actually accurate as Xu weighed around 100 pounds (45 kilograms) more than Lu when they fought.

Ironically enough, before his fight with Xu, Lu threw some trash-talk into the mix claiming that his speed is “quicker” and that he was much more flexible and skilled when compared to Xu.

My dim mak has become completely part of me,” Lu said. “It’s like lightning speed, it’ll just come out. Just like Bruce Lee’s jeet kune do. A lot of times my dim mak, I don’t even know what I’m going to throw.”

The fight came as no surprise and ended quickly like the rest of Xu’s fights with other “masters” in the past. After nearly a minute of bout, the referee had to call it as Lu was being pummeled by the MMA fighter.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube / Fight Commentary Breakdowns

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