Will Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s Alleged ‘Big Dick’ Solve the Country’s Woes?

In case anyone is wondering, the president of the Republic of the Philippines claims to have an enormous penis, one that, in his own words, “points all the way up.”

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte made the pronouncement last week during a campaign rally for his favored senatorial candidates. 


He told an easily impressed crowd that his dick is so magnificently huge that when he walked bare-naked during his trips to the YMCA as a student, he would draw admiration from onlookers.

Duterte thanks his father for gifting him long dick genes because, for him, a man’s good looks mean nothing if he has a small penis.

While this all sounds great that we have a “macho man” for a leader, it would be more awesome if his genitalia could actually improve the lives of the Filipino people.


The populist leader with the enormous member is now nearing his third year in power and he has yet to deliver many of his campaign promises.

In his own words, Duterte has admitted failures in capturing drug lord Peter Limstopping illegal drugs from coming into the country, combatting terrorism, resolving manila’s traffic woes, reducing crime, keeping prices of goods down, fighting against corruption, and defending Philippines’ sovereignty in the West Philippine Sea.

And despite facing multiple controversies including his family’s unexplained wealth, his son’s involvement in drug syndicatesextra-judicial killings, alleged killing of farmers by the military, band-aid solution to the rice crisis, Chinese debt trapthe return to power of corrupt politicians, and the TRAIN law, among others, Duterte’s approval and trust ratings remain consistently high.

It really must be his big dick, or the way he proclaims it, that has got many Filipinos enamored with him since his campaign period back in 2016.

Because, what else is there really to admire from a man who faked living a poor man’s life to get the popular vote? How is someone who admitted to committing murder, molesting their maid, openly instructing followers to kill bishops, imprisons critics, expressing the willingness to rape a female victim, and authorizing soldiers to do the same, get the respect and admiration from a supposedly educated population

Unfortunately for those who are not actually fans of such braggadocio, they will still be forced to watch the president’s fans enjoy their ride for three years more.

Featured image via Presidential Communications

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