Wild Boars Caught Playing in the Fountains of Hong Kong’s Bank of China Tower

Wild Boars Caught Playing in the Fountains of Hong Kong’s Bank of China Tower

September 29, 2020
A family of wild boars was captured on video taking a dip in the fountains outside the Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong.
The Facebook video shows the family of boars enjoying a swim in the bank’s fountain as a security guard stands in the background holding his phone with one hand and a walkie talkie in the other, according to Coconuts Hong Kong.
One person managed to film three videos of the boars circling the fountain and looking over the fountain’s edge.
In the third video, spectators can be heard saying “be careful” and “poor thing” to the large boar as it slid down the slope, South China Morning Post reported.
One joked to another, “Go down and quickly rescue it.”
Although it was unclear where the boars came from, messages on social media reportedly said the animals were at Hong Kong Park earlier that day and walked for nine minutes before reaching the bank’s driveway and fountain.
Police arrived at the scene at around 5 p.m. but most of the boars were already gone by then except for the largest one.
No injuries were reported when the animals went back to the wooded hillside area after the staff from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) arrived at the bank.
Wild boars being spotted out in public is not an uncommon thing in Hong Kong. A few weeks ago, a massive wild boar was recorded casually strolling outside a cafe in a Hong Kong neighborhood. In 2018, a giant wild boar, called “Pigzilla,” was spotted going through a dumpster near a school in Hong Kong.
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