Massive Wild Boar Caught Strolling Outside Cafe in Hong Kong

wild boar

A wild boar has caught the attention of social media users for being too calm while casually walking in Hong Kong’s Kennedy Town last week.

The video, which was shared online by Twitter user Justin Lim, was taken outside the Winstons Cafe in the neighborhood on September 9 at around 3 p.m., according to Vice.

Even though the wild boar was keeping to itself and not bothering anyone in the video, the animal reportedly stuck around for 20 minutes and interacted with a taxi driver before disappearing completely. Police officers at the scene were not able to find the animal.

“We felt pretty calm since the boar seemed very calm,” a representative from Winstons Cafe told the publication.

The viral video was taken by a passerby and later sent to the owner of the cafe, Simon, Lim told Coconuts Hong Kong.

Sightings of wild boars in Hong Kong are nothing new. Last year, an injured wild boar wandered into the Kennedy Town MTR station and left a trail of bloody footprints, Coconuts Hong Kong reported.

In 2018, a massive wild boar, called “Pigzilla,” was caught on video going through a dumpster outside of a school in Hong Kong.

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Feature Image via @hurtingbombz

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