Wife With Severe Memory Loss Reunited With Husband and Kids 23 Years Later

A wife who had gone missing for over two decades due to a severe memory loss was finally reunited with her husband and children on Friday with the help of police officers in central China.

About 23 years ago, Lu Yunrong suffered a head injury that caused her to lose her memory, erasing any trace of her family from her mind, according to a report from Anhui Television via South China Morning Post.

Having lost her way and unable to return to her home in Hubei Province, she ended up in the care of a family in a village in Nanyang, Henan Province. Following her wife’s disappearance, Wen Lianglin was devastated, spending the next 20 years looking for her in vain.

Lu somehow remembered the names of her spouse and children suddenly, and sought the help of local authorities to get them reunited. With the information Lu gave to the police, officers were able to locate and contact Wen. The husband traveled to Nanyang and was eventually reunited with Lu.

“We have to thank the people in this village who took care of my sister-in-law for so many years,” said Lu’s sister-in-law.

According to one of the villagers in the community that took care of her, there was never much to eat in the village, but they were still able to watch over her as best as they can.

“We have never mistreated [Lu], and we are happy that she is finally able to reunite with her family,” the villager was quoted as saying.

Feature Image via Anhui Television via South China Morning Post

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