Asian Men Allegedly As‌sa‌ult‌e‌d by Racist Woman Yelling ‘Ignorant G‌oo‌ks’ in Philadelphia

Asian Men Allegedly As‌sa‌ult‌e‌d by Racist Woman Yelling ‘Ignorant G‌oo‌ks’ in Philadelphia

December 18, 2018
Two Asian men were allegedly ve‌r‌b‌ally and physic‌al‌ly ass‌a‌ult‌ed after being called “go‌oks” by a Caucasian woman who didn’t look while she was reversing out of a parking spot in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
Dương Nghệ Lý detailed his encounter in a Facebook post. Reportedly, Lý and his friend were berated by ra‌cis‌t speech when he did not yield to a woman backing out of a spot.
“You fu‌ck‌ing i‌gnorant go‌o‌ks I was trying to get out,” the woman reportedly shouted.
Taken back by her words, the two confronted the woman and demanded an apology. The woman responded by saying she “had all day.” 
Lý claims that another Caucasian man who “he knew her” told the pair to leave. After telling him that she was at fault, he disregarded their words and kept telling them they were blocking traffic. 
The woman then allegedly “tried to grab our phones” and hit and scratched them until she made his “nose bleed.” 
Another man came over and told them to “sh‌u‌t the f‌u‌c‌k up” and claimed that he didn’t see her a‌ssa‌ulti‌n‌g them.
Lý says that he is disappointed that so many were quick to assume that “Megan, who as a white woman is usually assumed innocent by default” and “when POCs stand up for ourselves, we get backlash from other people.”
“For her to have the audacity to come up to us and [assault] us in broad daylight on one of the busiest streets in South Philly without thinking she could be held accountable is a great example of white privilege.”
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