Angry White Tiger Rips Off Car’s Bumper Like it’s Nothing in Shocking Video

A white tiger in China was captured on video tearing a car bumper off like it’s everyday business, leaving the passengers in shock.
The encounter was filmed by people inside the car who, for some reason, chose to stay as the tiger approached.
A female rider is heard urging her male companion to throw some food to divert the animal’s attention. But moments later, the beast was already dragging their car’s bumper into the bushes.
The man thought of calling his insurance company, but the woman laughed it off, “What are you going to say to them?”
The bumper was eventually retrieved, though it suffered some grim puncture damage.
The big cat lives in the Badaling Wildlife Park, the same zoo which saw the tragic death of a woman last month who was killed by a tiger while attempting to save her daughter.
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