PSA: White Rabbit Boba is Now Available in Canada

More White Rabbit-flavored treats are popping up to satisfy everyone’s cravings for that popular Chinese candy brand that we all loved as kids.

So far, we’ve heard of White Rabbit ice cream, White Rabbit Soft-Serve, and even a White Rabbit frap from Starbucks.

One of the most recent ones to take inspiration from childhood nostalgia is bubble tea maker Intea on West Broadway in Vancouver, Canada.

Inspired by the classic White Rabbit Creamy Candy, the White Rabbit bubble tea drink is made from fresh milk mixed with White Rabbit Candy and served with black pearls.

White Rabbit bubble tea drink can be purchased at 2790 W Broadway by asking the staff for it as it is not in the official menu.

Customers can also try to other White Rabbit candy flavors, such as this White Rabbit Matcha green tea:

Featured image via Instagram/Intea_van

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