Married White Man With ‘Yellow Fever’ Posts Horrid Ad for Asian Women on Craigslist

A white male who claims to have “yellow fever” posted a cringeworthy ad on Craigslist Sydney that paints a very problematic picture of how some people view Asians as romantic prospects.


The ad’s title, which reeks of white privilege, states, “Fit white married man with “yellow fever” for Asian woman…steal me! – m4w (Sydney)”

The link of the deplorable advertisement was recently posted on the subreddit /hapas by Reddit user Candle21, who called it as it is: a blatant attempt to lure the particular segment of Asian women who may still be worshiping white males.

His main and only selling point is his whiteness.   

“I think that’s clear enough! I know some women prefer white guys…? Well I love the idea of an Asian partner wanting and taking me,” begins his ad.

Nevermind that he’s married. In fact, he immediately made it clear that he isn’t looking for an actual relationship by stating, “I’d like to find someone to have an affair with. Maybe more but let’s start with that.”

He went on to exhibit his male chauvinism even more by objectifying and perpetuating stereotypes against women:

“Basically the very best and hottest sex I have ever had has been with Asian women so… I’d like to find someone to have an affair with. Maybe more but let’s start with that.

“I am in good shape pretty well endowed, successful and attractive, and keen to meet and see how we go.

“I don’t care if you are married. Write back and let’s see how we go…and how far.”

Earlier today, a woman posted on reddit showing an exchange between the alleged married man and herself when she emailed him.

Along with some selfies the gentlemen sent her.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 10.16.07 AM

Erin Chew of YOMYOMF points out the arrogance of the post stating, “The fact that he had to say he has a big dick, is a form of emasculation and indirectly insinuating that Asian men do not have what he has and only white guys do.

“No self-respecting woman would respond to such an ad, and I think we definitely need to expose these creeps as much as we possibly can,” she wrote.

This guy is just begging to be trolled. You can “steal” him here.

Image via Flickr / Alanya

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